SEO Monthly Management

  • We provide SEO monthly management services for Google and Bing search engines with a data-driven focus.


  • An ongoing monthly service to optimise and maintain a quality SEO presence to convert your website traffic into recurring customers. Standard Package Deliverables: On a monthly basis, the standard package will deliver communication through our ticketing system, an automated report, an SEO audit, keyword research, 1 content piece and 1 on-site document, on-site HTML improvements for 5 pages, fix all crawl errors, fix sitemap errors, and do 5 link outreaches to competitor links. Enhanced Package Deliverables: The Enhanced package will deliver a communication channel through our ticketing system, scheduled phone calls or video calls, and through email support.
  • Other monthly deliverables include: an automated report, an SEO audit, keyword research, 2 content pieces and 2 on-site documents, check for data connections to other platforms, HTML improvements for 10 pages, fix all crawl errors and sitemap errors, 10 link outreaches to competitor links, click through rate and search analysis, backlink analysis and removal actions, analyse internal links, fix any manual actions, improve mobile usability, fix any blocked resources, highlight relevant data in data highlighter, and improve structured data.
  • Premium Package Deliverables: The Premium package offers communication through scheduled phone or video calls, email support, through a project management platform, and through scheduled face-to-face meetings.
  • You will also receive the following reporting materials: a manual report, strategy documents, an SEO audit, keyword research, a competitor analysis report. This package will provide you with 3 content pieces and 3 on-site documents each month. From analytics, we will provide you with the following: check for data connections to other platforms, analysis of your pages, detailed analysis of browsers, devices and location used on your website.
  • On-site deliverables each month include: HTML improvements on 15 pages, 25 link outreaches to competitor links, and fixing any issues associated with crawl errors, sitemaps, internal links, manual actions, mobile usability, blocked resources, structured data, and will analyse click through rates and search data, backlinks, data highlighter.
  • Also included in the on-site deliverables is a technical website check using W3C, GTMetrix and pagespeed insights, and receive a full competitor backlink audit. We will acquire links for your website through listicles, press releases, PR request, existing networks, organic strategic links and directories. Premium Plus Deliverables: The Premium Plus package offers the same deliverables as the Premium package with a few additions. These are 4 content pieces and 4 on-site documents each month instead of 3, a press release each month, HTML improvements on 20 pages per month instead of 15 pages, and 50 outreach links per month to competitor links.
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An ongoing monthly service to manage, You will receive 2 monthly posts, You will receive 4 monthly posts, Also included in this package is 12 monthly posts, Premium Plus Package Deliverables