PPC – Search Only

  • We manage your PPC Search campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads using data-driven techniques.


  • An ongoing monthly service to optimise your PPC search campaigns to convert search traffic into recurring customers. PPC Deliverables Standard Package: This includes automated performance alerts, weekly run PPC account checks, add new keywords and negative keywords from search query data, review of quality scores, bid adjustments using Captivise and automated scripts, and build and rebuild your PPC campaigns.
  • PPC Deliverables Enhanced Package: This includes the standard package plus additional communication through scheduled phone or video calls and email support. PPC Deliverables Premium Package: This includes the enhanced package plus the creation and split testing of ads, running a FORAGE report (KEM), adding new keywords from keyword planner, and manually adjusting bids.
  • PPC Deliverables Premium Plus Package: The Premium Plus package offers the same PPC deliverables as the premium package with the addition of daily run PPC account checks and enhanced functionality such as RSLA.
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An ongoing monthly service to manage, You will receive 2 monthly posts, You will receive 4 monthly posts, Also included in this package is 12 monthly posts, Premium Plus Package Deliverables